Message From Dr. Hitt

From the Office of the President:

Dear Friends of the University:

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2017-2018 President’s Leadership Council (PLC). These students have been selected for their excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service to the university and the Orlando community. Chosen by a committee of faculty, staff, and students, the members of the council serve as ambassadors for the university and for my office.

The President’s Leadership Council has proven to be a valuable asset to our institution and community. It has assumed responsibility for hosting university functions and touring distinguished guests of the university, and its members are also very active in the recruitment of new students. The accomplishments of the PLC members, as well as their commitment, energy, and positive attitudes about UCF and its development, are truly distinctive.

The biographical sketches included on this website provide information on the activities, honors, UCF experiences, and community involvement of the individual PLC members. This information should be very helpful if you need a student host or representative for your department, organization, or project. I commend the PLC for the excellent service its members render to the university.

Cordially yours,

John C. Hitt


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